Ten hour timelapse of a Carnivorous Plant eating a fly! | Timelapse Tuesday

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Carnivorous Plant Drosera hookeri enjoying a flightless fruit fly.

The Drosera hookeri is a winter-growing Tuberous Sundew plant from Australia. The total timelapse covers 10 hours and 15 mins. Captured 3600+ images until my 2GB memory card was full.

This Carnivorous Plant Sundew is growing indoors in my garage where I can give it the cooler temperatures and night time temperature drop that it is used to in the Australian winter. I captured every ten seconds! The plant starts fast but then takes its time as it fully encapsulates the prey with digestive fluid. It is fascinating seeing the cocoon of fluid drown the bug in this timelapse and I am looking forward to next time seeing the hours after as the plant feeds on the fly.

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