Timelapse Time! | Hungry Drosera Natelensis vs. Flightless Fruit Fly

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Today I fed my D. natalensis a flightless fruit fly. It was a challenge getting the fly to stick to the plant on another leaf so I put the fly on its back into this leaf.

This video shows only MOST of the movement the plant made to eat the fly. The smaller tendrils directly under the fly that initially moved had already done so by the time the timelapse started running and then my camera card ran out of space 1,719 images into it and at the pace I was capturing it did not completely capture the full closing up around the fly.

In the next video the entire movement will be captured with a bigger memory card and a camera ready to go from the moment I drop the fly. So hopefully you will come back and enjoy my next one too!


  • No Sound
  • 1700 frames with 30 frames a second
  • THREE Versions of the Timelapse in the video:
    • Faster Rate | 200% faster
    • Normal Rate | 1700 frames at 30 frames a second
    • Longer Rate | 50% speed
An image of the plant after it FULLY enclosed on the fly here at TerraForums.com http://bit.ly/2Ruz9jh a site for fans of growing Carnivorous Plants to hang out, share stuff and learn how to grow their plants!

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